Reasons My Roommate Needs a Serious Boyfriend

For one, she wants a good excuse to skip Thanksgiving and/or Christmas with her family this year.

What's going on here?
Why is there the lid to an IKEA 365+ pan duct-taped to our kitchen wall? (Besides that it actually looks kind of cool.)
Oh, right. It's Michigan, it's mid-January, there are huge beetle-things in our apartment. Why not. (That's a wooden kitchen match next to its delicately-patterned body.)

Anyway. The point is, taping kitchen instruments to the wall isn't the normal way to deal with unwelcome creatures, and that's why Emma needs a live-in boyfriend.

(At least in the Krankenhaus it was summer and all the bugs made sense.)

I Wish That I Knew What I Know Now

( August of 2010.)*

Internet, I know I suck. I'll talk to you soon. But until then—one of my life lessons from 2010:

Always note the room-to-heat-vent/radiator ratio before committing to move in anywhere. In Michigan, it should really be one-to-one.

*To tell the truth, maybe I don't. Then I might live in an ugly little 1960s apartment with no window in the kitchen and only one parking space. Would that really be better, for potentially more constant but still uncontrollable-by-me heating? Probably not.