Thought of the Day: Internet/Sauna

Thought of the Day: 
I am incompatible with the internet* life.
Oh no, I'm incompatible with modern life!
I'm doomed!

Can't ever seem to finish the tasks requiring the internet, because there are always more. More importantly: lost count of how many days in a row I've had a headache. I had the same headache for over three days. By now, I don't think I can claim it's the same headache (day five? day six?), but I'm writing this from hour 4 of ibuprofen. Maybe by hours 6-8, as the ibuprofen wears off fully, I'll feel that same dull agony and recognize that it never truly dissipated.

More computer never equals less headache.

Alternate Thought of the Day:
I love saunas! Even though it's been 90 degrees out forever!

*Why is this still officially capitalized? Please explain.