Death to the Unannounced Hiatus!

Some truths about blogging, or not blogging:
  1. Mainly it's a combination of procrastination and laziness. Either you procrastinate something more important (homework and the like) by writing a satisfying blog post, or you are too lazy and/or too lacking in things that really merit procrastination, so you procrastinate the blog post, until it's too old to be relevant to anyone, until the flow of thoughts in your mind has gone stale, until you don't remember you used to be a blogger of sorts, even though it was, at times, one of your proudest accomplishments.
  2. Working instead of going to school is actually way more exhausting. Who has time to think? Who needs to spend all their time on the computer when they're not not-doing homework?
  3. Blogs these days require photos. My life needs photos. Hooking up my camera to my computer is a pain. My computer is too old and wants to go die. Everything is slow. No photos, no good blog posts, no blog.
  4. It is embarrassing, or at least difficult and somewhat humbling, to return to something—a friendship, a hobby, a blog—after a lapse of months or years. Going from nothing to something is the biggest jump.
  5. Lists are a great way to deal with awkwardness.
  6. Blog blog blog this word has been written too many times in this blog post and is thereby unmasked as being completely ridiculous.
Some truths about what I have just written:
  1. "Truths" as opposed to "facts" or "thoughts" is kind of horrible. Truth as a plural is a problem.
  2. Number three of list one is a terrible excuse.
  3. This is me, committing to being back. 
  4. That (number three of list two) is me refusing to declare that I am back in the blogosphere. Oh hey, Firefox's spellcheck refuses to condone my saying that. It also tells me it's "spellchecker." Whatever, spellcheck.
So here's to this blog! Existing!