Hot Beef

Emma:  I think I'm going back to the part of my life where I try to not eat flour
 me:  oh SADZ
 Emma:  I know
except for like a treat
 me:  i was trying to give up a thing or two every week
like, sweets 
 Emma:  it makes it easier to be less hungry
 me:  or snacks
or alcohol
but not all three
but i couldn't even pick one
or decide if a smoothie was a sweet
so i gave up
and then i had a hot beef sandwich at the sidestreet diner last night with my parents
the fakest white bread plus roast beef so good covered in such good gravy the whole plate
and a big scoop of delicious mashed potatoes in the middle under the gravy
and then a scoop of my mom's potatoes
and a corner of my mom's sandwich too
and then three bites of peach cobbler covered in whipped cream with cinnamon on top
oh my god
can this be a blog post?
 Emma:  that sounds like a bob dylan song