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In my blog's less-than-illustrious five-year history, I've written plenty of posts that make me cringe, but I've also written quite a few that I, personally, always enjoy rereading. Maybe you'd be interested in one or two or, say, three hundred of them! (Just read the entire archive...except, really, don't!!)

My most-viewed posts of all time are the ones that mention works of literature or film that people might actually google. (The second link is to my translation of my favorite movie trailer of all time. It's delightful.)

This post, about the highs and lows in my life the first fall out of college, taught me that there are a fair number of people out there looking for einfache Nadel, which is German for "simple needle." I'm pretty sure they're disappointed when they find that I'm not actually selling high-quality sewing-machine needles.

Christmastime in the City is also a hit, probably because "Silver Bells" is such a great song. (Greatest Christmas carol ever, in terms of festive urban associations?)

Another good way to get page hits is to title posts after models of cars that people might want to buy (or, more likely, sell). 1994 Honda Accord—my first car, my only car, sorry for crashing you into a tree on the side of the highway.

But my greatest triumph as a blogger, and a German major, and a human who likes words, is the translation project I did, which was published in the University of Michigan's Canon Translation Review in 2011. I translated excerpts from Yadé Kara's Selam Berlin, a really fun book about a Turkish-German teenager trying to make it on his own in Berlin right after the Fall of the Wall. (You can read my background about it here, and the translation here.)

Posts Important to Me
Allerheiligen = All Saints Day in German.
On cats: loving them, missing them, treating them right.
On feeling like your life's in a rut.
Notes for Emma, Away in Ann Arbor: coming home after college.
February is the worst month.

My Year Abroad
An explanation of der Landstreicher.
Unabhängigkeit = Independence: a reason to study abroad.
County Clare, Ireland.
One of my favorite weekends in Germany, spent on the Bavarian-Austrian border with my adopted German-American family.
Coming back home to Michigan.

Things I'm Stupidly Proud Of
My tiny desk of tiny things.
Arts and crafts, especially the coupon I made, good for one stay of indeterminate length in my studio apartment.
Mit waermeren Worten, by Eva Zeller: a poem I translated, and a photo I took.

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