This is a filler post that doens't really exist!

I will be in Germany for twelve months. It will be a long time. I will obviously think about it and therefore I will write about it. Manchmal werde ich auf Deutsch schreiben, weil ich deutsche Freunde haben werde und ich immer Deutsch sprechen muss. Aber vielleicht wäre es besser, wenn die neue Freunde mein Blog nicht lesen, weil ich wahrscheinlich frustriert mit ihnen werden werde.

But anyway, you will never read this, crazy world, because I am just trying to get a sense of what my blog LOOKS like because GOD FORBID anyone see it before it is READY.


Emma Claire Foley said...

Why would you write in German on your Germany blog? The people who speak mostly German can just talk to you, while the rest of us poor souls just have to muddle through, you crazy woman.

Cooper said...

God forbid.