Sonnenlicht = Sunlight

It is the glorious part of the day where the sunlight streams in through my floor length window/door-to-nowhere, across my floor, and bathes my bed in happiness. No, seriously. Every time my room looks like this, I feel better about life. If it were this sunny more often, I would be a much more productive person. (Let's ignore the fact that the last time it looked like this when I was home was Wednesday, and I promptly lay down in the sun and took a nap. When I woke up, it was grey and already dusk. Discouraging, to say the least.)
Here is my large window. And my desk and my bowl of chicken noodle soup (Mrs. Grass' sent from home because God knows there must not be any super-plain chicken soup in Germany) and my bookshelf and my sweatshirt on top of my towel on my radiator. It is so bright in here; the picture doesn't do it justice. Oh, and there's a cake pan I borrowed from Maraia on top of my shelf, along with a tall stack of books on the Anschluss Österreichs. And the cable modem thing and the wireless router and a tangle of cords and a bowl on the floor full of water that is supposed to be on my heater, acting as a very cheap humidifier.
And here is the sunlight on my bed, which is usually made, just not today because I'm feeling sick and was reading under the covers—the fun, striped, flannel covers. I have issues with my bedside table. Really with all surfaces (including the floor). Papers just get out of hand.
I'd been avoiding posting pictures of my room until the day when it was not only clean, but also schön eingerichtet—a phrase that, I am afraid, I am incapable of translating. I know exactly what I mean, but that doesn't really help you. Oh, furnished. It means 'nicely furnished'. Not that I'm going to buy any more furniture. But someday, my TV will come. By which I mean, someday Maraia and I will get around to going ALL THE WAY TO STUSIE to get the TV someone from last year sold to Maraia. It hasn't been five months already, we're not lazy, shut up! Also, I want to have things hanging on my white stucco walls besides the giant, free calendar from the Bundestag in Berlin that rolled-up caused my backpacking backpack to reach its full height. The photos in it weren't worth it.
Now I have squandered the peak sunlight in my room taking pictures that don't capture the experience. Maybe it's time to get dressed and buy some bread.


dissentingopinion said...

I think for the first time in years my room is cleaner than yours.

Marisa said...

It's not that messy. Just a couple clothes articles on the floor (like 2) and then some papers. Lots and lots and lots of papers.

dissentingopinion said...

but mine is o so clean.