xoxo, the Lover-Cats

Emma just walked into my room to tell me, "If my cats weren't already in love, they'd be falling in love right now." They were staring into each other's eyes from across the room. Last night, the kitties decided to symbolize their love with a live sculpture.
Happy Valentine's Day!

While they slept on my bed curled up in a heart (huge Haroun making up well over half of it), the sky decided to end the delightfully over-thirty-degrees day with a splendid sunset. And after six o'clock!
It was the end of my Valentine's Day weekend—my valentine had already taken the train home and was watching the sun set over the rooftops of Detroit. Saturday was our six month anniversary, so we combined it with Valentine's Day and enjoyed a burger (me)/ribs (him) at Grizzly Peak, followed by The Illusionist at the State Theater. It was a good day, reflecting a good six months, even if I spent "five hours" "getting dressed"—the graduation/housewarming/New Year's dress I've been sewing didn't make the deadline for Valentine's Day either, so I had to go through all my old, boring clothes to find something acceptable to wear.

This morning, Emma and I are celebrating with donuts, and I bought some sunflowers to brighten up our wonderfully clean apartment. I had a productive Sunday evening, though I made no progress on my current translation project. Maybe I'll make some now. Or cuddle with the lover-cats.


Maraia said...

Nice pictures!

Tabs said...

This is sweet. :)