Buying Extra Calories

was followed by this:
and this:
(Emma's pancakes were stuffed with honey and oats and almonds and brown sugar and amazingness.)

Unfortunately, we didn't use the facilities today. I was on a tight schedule (now I'm at work! blogging!) so there wasn't really time to change into workout gear and break a serious sweat and all that. And all I'd had to eat so far was a banana. Breakfast celebrated the days, weeks, months of fitness to come.

I'm excited. Part of me even wants to go back tonight (if I get off work at the restaurant before 8:30) and face my first go with an elliptical in over a year and a half. Part of me thinks that can wait until tomorrow/until I get new sneakers. But I know it has to come soon. Momentum! Building momentum is important. Wish me luck.


Andrew Jelinek said...

i always feel very happy and relaxed after going to the gym. endorphins for the win.

Marisa said...

Yeah. I'm so mad I'm sick and don't have the energy to walk over or the obliviousness to allow myself to spread my germs (totally just typed "germans") all over the equipment.