The Past 24 Hours

I watched the documentary about Charles and Ray Eames on Netflix.
I didn't do the dishes.
I got a full night's sleep.
I ate granola for breakfast.
I read about Anne Hathaway and Sheila Heti on Wikipedia.
I did the dishes.
I balanced my checkbook and paid my credit card.
I ate apple pie.
I walked to the restaurant and checked my schedule on the way to the office.
I took a trip to Probate Court.
I sorted the weekend's mail.
I typed a memorandum.
I went back to Probate Court.
I chatted with Jeff for a while.
I entered the revisions for a purchase agreement.
I walked home and talked to Ali on the phone.
I ate a turkey and gravy sandwich.
I read about the Icelandic economy and its recovery.
I looked at apartments on Craigslist using the handy new map feature.
I didn't go to yoga.
I read about the future of diaries/journaling.
I read about Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts in Switzerland.
I read about Scientology.
I read about the classical music industry.
I read a lot of things today.
I downloaded Skype so my brother could send me music.

What about you?


Jane said...

I am so glad you are still blogging. I have been missing updates, and in my procrastination today, I thought, "God, I really wish Marisa was still blogging," and I came here, and lo and behold!

What did I do today?

I woke up early.
I fed the cats and got my newspaper.
I scrambled and ate an egg, and made coffee, and read said newspaper.
I went to a coffee shop that's also a dog park and I wrote for a long time.
I came home and wrote a lot more.
I spent too long using my webcam to update my Facebook profile picture because my hair never looks quite this good, and I like to use the internet to pretend it always does, and remember what it looks like when it does.
I wrote more. And fed the cats.
And now I'm going running.
Then I will write more and make soup so I can have a hot meal on the stove when my man gets home from work, which is very domestic.

Marisa said...

*I* am so glad that you are a participatory member of the blog-world! And that you get so much writing done. Good job!

I'm trying to continue blogging, but I'm not posting it on facebook because it's easier to write things that you aren't 100% behind when you think--no, know--fewer people are reading them.

Unknown said...

How nice to be mentioned in your blog, Marisa! I check it every so often when I remember to and always enjoy your posts. Whether brief, long, simple, or elaborate, they somehow always evoke a sense of Gemütlichkeit in me.