note to self

last week:

it was a good week*
because cooking (frozen pot pies made last week, baked mostaccioli, learning to cook catfish)
because I got sent home from work three hours early Sunday and baked tiny chocolate cakes
because sunshine and increasing temperature
because I saw a movie
because all my laundry is clean
because I decreased my shoebox collection by one
because I remembered to call my mom
because I went to yoga twice, for a grand total of 3.5 hours, and one of those classes was just me
because I went to the Y
because I got to wear my new springy sweater I bought with in January with Christmas money
because I get to wear other clothes I haven't in a while
because I cleaned my stove SO WELL
(but not the oven)
because we went out to brunch and to the farmer's market in the chilly sunshine Saturday
because I went to the Arb after work the following Sunday

*(and it's a good week, and it'll be a month, and then it'll be a year...just take your damn time! -- 0:30)

**I need a new blog design. sans serif. not sure about this collage-nonsense, but in the interest of having a blog, I'm posting it without further consideration.

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