Emma Is Still in Ukraine*, and the Dolphins Are Exactly As Far Away From Her As They Should Be

I may be watching the sun set on Lake Michigan from a house on the bluff, but I'm also oh-so-jealous of these villas by the sea:

Emma:  meow
me:  hi
how are you?
Emma:  I spent a day and a half in a seaside dacha
me:  ooooh
Emma:  it was great
but also very headachey
me:  the people weren't creeps?
Emma:  oh no
they were goofs
a lot of them were my students though
and there was a lot of vodka and chicken marinated in mayonnaise
I think I have accepted the mayonnaise
me:  ha
Emma:  I got my own little room at the top of the house and when I woke up I could see a line of sea
and there was a porch and it was all like dilapidated white stucco
me:  oh my god
Emma:  and I went swimming and there were swans and dolphins exactly as far away from me as they should have been
Emma:  YES
me:  that's amazing
Emma:  and the water was cool and green
and rosebushes and beautiful green lizards
me:  eeeeee
Emma:  soon we're going to the dacha of one of my favorite students I guess
I'm so excited
he's so weird and fun
me:  is it seaside too?
Emma:  I think so
I just want to live in dilapidated villas by the sea
I hate my washer it always sounds like it is full of forks

*Okay, so she's on the Baltic right now, but until last week, she was in Ukraine.
(All photos stolen from Emma's Instagram, @marjoriestrees.)

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