I posted my pictures from Heidelberg, at long last! It was a beautiful fall day that had been forecast as cold and rainy. I wore leggings, jeans, turtleneck, knit dress, angora sweater, my lightweight red coat, scarf...and then spent all day changing which layers I was wearing.

While we were at the famous Heidelberger Schloss (Castle), it hailed suddenly. It was lovely the rest of the day, though. After seeing the city from the castle, we climbed up the Heiligenberg, a mountain that overlooks the city, and took pictures from above some more. A LOT of pictures. It took me so long to narrow it down to about a hundred to post. Here they are!

(I have no time for blog posts, because there are less than two weeks until I leave for Munich for Christmas break. And that means a lot of work must be done.)

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