A Piece of Advice

Let's say you need to take at least three classes, and would really rather only take three. You know one that you definitely want, but then there are three others, and they all sound interesting and worthwhile in different ways, and you've been going to each of them so you can figure out which one to take.

But you can't decide! So you take all of them.

Maybe this is a good decision if you are fascinated by all three and almost everyone is enthusiastic about the subjects and the reading is exciting and you feel like you're getting a lot out of all of them.

However, if you can't decide which one you feel most ambivalent about, THIS IS A BAD SIGN. Drop one, regardless of which. Because in the end, you will have to do the end-of-semester work for all three, as well as for the class you knew wanted to take.

I suggest dropping whichever requires the most writing.


dissentingopinion said...

never drop ceramics, ever. But always drop neutral masks.

dandelionia said...

I suggest dropping out of school.

It's too late, though.

Marisa said...

Yeah, it would screw up my second semester in Germany. And all those government loans I'd have to pay back.

John said...

ALWAYS drop the class with the most writing. I'm surprised you even put that.