April 30, 2010

 ...has become this.
I feel like I should be sleeping without blinds. No control, light in my eyes when I wake up on a mattress on the floor. But I still have blinds and I am taking full advantage.

I don't want to leave this room for reasons of sheer aesthetics, but I also just don't want to leave. Leaving the Krankenhaus so I could move to Germany was hard enough, and then I knew I was coming back to some approximation in a year. I'm excited to have this blank, open, framework-less future to fill, but considering I rarely turn in papers when they're due, I probably won't have a real idea about my life until I'm dead. I guess that's what life is about, right? (I don't think I agree with this statement completely.) As an estimable man* once said, "Being lost is sexy," so that's good for me at least.

Maybe I should use my minute of speaking time at the RC Graduation to discuss this and other such valuable quotations. What, no? Whyever not?

Actually, I agree. But what will I talk about?

*I can cause debates—or full-fledged fights—with this characterization.

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Emma Claire Foley said...

I for myself find John Mayer difficult to estimate.