I Resolve

...that this plastic-wrapped, chocolate-enrobed peppermint oreo (it's a "jo-jo," ssshh) is going to be the last sweet I eat for a week. Because it's the last prepared sweet in my apartment, so it probably has to go before I've got a shot at this.

In the meantime, I've had two cookies at work, because THEY WILL NOT END. They're not even good after five? days on the counter, but I'm hungry and I can see them and they are chocolatey.


Maraia said...

But sweets are so delicious!

Er...not helpful.

Viel Erfolg!

Marisa said...

I decided I didn't want it and threw it out. Then I got home from work and decided I did want it. Good thing it was wrapped in plastic wrap.

Then Cooper brought me a milkshake. Good thing I hadn't finished the cookie yet, or else I would have had to turned the milkshake down...?