Remember February

This should probably actually lead you back to this post, where it was last used, or else this photo album of Emma's and Maraia's and my spring break to Munich/Slovenia (and Emma just blogged about Slovenia, so, there's that), but the post I used it for in 2010 was actually a hopeful spring post, if you average its content all together. I guess the ominous crows didn't bode well.

For me, this photo will forever symbolize the oppressive length of winter. All that snow, with the palace tiny in the distance. You may love winter. I don't really hate it. But I love hating it. So let's all remember the February theory, and reminisce about cozy sunshine naps under the heavy History of the Byzantine State in that wonderful house I used to live in on Packard.

The antidote to February:
Let's get on with life. Let's go. To the wide open west! To the (somewhat) warmer south! To the I don't have an adjective right now besides snooty and cultured east! To the wilds of the north! The secret is that it's not that warm anywhere nearby, and life here isn't so bad when you're not applying to things constantly and then realizing the devious kitten is sleeping on your computer in the hope that the rickety screen will finally get pushed all the way off so that you have to buy a new computer* and can never afford to travel anywhere ever again.
After you revisit that old post, let's dream about the wilds of the north. In summer!

*Last year, that computer died, after a good, long run. And now, I think, I'm finally on the cusp of a new one. The first such large purchase since I fully learned to understand that this money I have Really Matters. I'm scared. But the clicker button on the MacBook I'm using now clicks 2-4 times every time you hit it. Insanity. And, of course, Word makes the computer boycott me.

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