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My computer died a year ago, pretty much. I used my brother's old desktop PC (and resisted the Sims for months!). I waited for the new MacBook Pros to be unveiled--way too expensive. My boyfriend bought a new laptop and gave me his old one. It works, not great, but it works. I decided I would buy a MacBook Air, 13-inch, but I saved the large birthday check my parents gave me to put toward it. Why buy a new computer when you have one that works? So I got used to seeing that lovely large (for me) number in my savings account. 

The old MacBook I'm using is getting worse. I'd already picked out the new computer; I have the money; I should buy it. But how do you know when to pull the trigger when you've been sitting on the money for the better part of a year? I was waiting for my old computer to die--that was going to be the sign. It did. I avoided the large purchase. Do I wait for this MacBook to one day go black and never light up again?

I've already put the Air in my shopping cart online multiple times. But I am not decisive. I keep thinking about the 11-inch one, how easily it would fit into every part of my life. But if you're buying a stupidly small computer, you might as well get a $250 Chromebook and save your money, right? But that's not the same as a real computer. Or maybe I want an iPad. In which case I probably also want a computer, so I will only get a computer. Maybe someday a tablet will fall from the sky and I'll use it and be like, this is awesome, here you go, person in sky who owns this, thanks for the information, and throw it back up. And then another one will fall from the sky, all for me.*

*Possibly this is called Christmas?


dandelionia said...

My sister got a tablet (or was it an ipad?) when she signed the lease on an apartment. So, its possible tablets do fall from the sky?


Marisa said...

That's what I did.