Our Little Monster

Today I was going to go run on an elliptical after class but I was too hungry despite bringing a peanut butter sandwich to campus, so I went home to eat lunch. I had bacon and scrambled eggs. Since then, I've eaten something like five and a half brownies. Eughhh. Concentrating on anything is a bit difficult.
It doesn't help that I spent the last ten to fifteen minutes trying to protect poor, relaxing Table Cat from not-so-little Haroun's relentless attacks.
Table Cat: What? Why? Dumb.
Haroun: What is this clicky thing you are holding? Wait I'm going to attack Table Cat more.
Table Cat: Flash? Really?
The victorious little brat, who scampered off when I went downstairs to get a glass of water. Table Cat came back, made sure Haroun was gone, and curled right back up. I could hear Haroun jingling on the stairs so I shut him out of my room.
Then I fought with Blogger, the internet, and my computer for an hour and a half to get the pictures up. Table Cat's really asleep now, and I should be too. Goodnight.
P.S. If you were involved in a snoutiness of the kitten discussion, enlarge the second-to-last photo and observe the baby's nose. It (if not his snout) is changing proportion and becoming wider. It's only really noticeable in photographs, though. Emma exaggerates.

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This is kinda awesome. -M