Zweiohrküken = Two-Eared Chick(en)

Today, Emma was looking up Inglourious Basterds and things and ended up reminding me of the films Keinohrhasen (commonly translated as "Rabbit Without Ears", but I think "No-Ear Rabbit" sounds better 'cause it's more like a name) and Zweiohrküken, which are German romantic comedies starring, co-written and produced by Til Schweiger. (On a side note, I still need to see Inglourious Basterds.) I saw the first one, Keinohrhasen, in which Til Schweiger's character finds himself working at a kindergarten to fulfill his sentence for crashing some party/event/whatever because of his job at a tabloid. He can't sew and ends up making an adorable rabbit without ears. And, you know, love story. It's funny, and cute, and I really like Nora Tschirner's glasses on her (it's apparently impossible to find any other photo than this one, but pay attention in the video), but the best part is the teaser video for its sequel, Zweiohrküken.

You don't need to know German. It's adorable no matter what. Just watch it.

The movie has since come out, and there's a trailer that actually gives a plot outline, but this video is just so good. The golden light. The music. The comforting setting and sewing-machine. The narration. The darling, darling Emma Tiger Schweiger, Til Schweiger's daughter, who plays the cute little girl asking about Til Schweiger's newest creation, is unbelievably cute.

Okay, you want to know what's going on? I'm going to skip some parts, because some things are repetitive or hard to understand for English-speaking me. And I bet it's more enjoyable just to watch their smiles than to read.

Adorable child/Cheyenne-Blue: What's that supposed to be?
Nora Tschirner/Anna: It looks like a jaundiced, floppy-eared pot-bellied pig.
Til Schweiger/Ludo: This is No-ear Rabbit's new friend[...] Two-eared Chicken[...]
Cheyenne-Blue: But chickens don't have ears.
Ludo: They do as of now.
Cheyenne-Blue: But why does the chicken have ears?
Anna: Because Ludo can't sew.
Ludo: She has ears because she wished them there.
Cheyenne-Blue: But why did she wish them there?
Ludo: Because she wanted to fly so badly.
Cheyenne-Blue: She can fly with her ears?
Ludo: Mmhm. But only at wind speeds of four to five, and when the wind's coming from the northwest. She stands here like this and waits for the wind, it comes from behind and goes under her ears, and she can take off like an airplane and fly around the whole world. From up there, she can see everything perfectly. She's been to Turkey, to Antarctica, the Lüneburger Heide—once, she was even behind the moon.
Cheyenne-Blue: And the ears grew just because she wished them there?
Ludo: When you really wish something, when you firmly believe that it will come true, then it happens.

Thanks to Nico for help with some particularly difficult lines. Maybe being obsessed with linguistics helps you hear better.

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