Schnappschuss = Snapshot

Tomorrow I have one of my midterms for my 3.5-week, 3-credit class. Everyone finds this crazy, but I don't think it's that intense. Seriously, though, I did this for half the summer, and with Spanish it was all new. But a lot of the vocab for this test is new, and I don't know it that well.

die Bohrmaschine = drill I don't know when I will use this.
die Reiserücktrittsversicherung = trip cancellation insurance I managed to, step by step, guess this word in a Taboo-like game in class.
das Kehrblech = dustpan Haha, 'blech.' That was Emma's and my noise of disapproval and disgust in fifth or sixth grade.
das Partytier = party animal I was at the KGB Sowjetbar on Monday night, but missed out on Shot Night at one of the dorm bars tonight due to studying and exhaustion and not really caring.
der Last-Minute-Trip I almost went to Heidelberg on Sunday when the hike in the Schwarzwald (= Black Forest) was cancelled due to Saturday's rain. Instead, I walked around Freiburg and took this Schnappschuss, among others:

I really would like to talk about my newfound love for cereal—sorry, guys, haven't moved onto Wurst or Döner yet—but I need more time and energy for that. Instead I'll just leave you with this happy gargoyle from the Freiburger Münster.

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