Endlich = Finally

I'm in Freiburg. My room's nice, not that I have any time to spend there, or an internet connection (hopefully this will be remedied tomorrow). This whole week is just getting things set up: banks, cell phones, rent payments, residence permits...the list goes on.

I'm hoping to swim before the summer's totally gone, at a nearby lake. Tonight I went with some friends to the Freiburger Münster (the cathedral) to watch the water spew out of the gargoyles' mouths. Unfortunately, the downpour had calmed by the time we got there and they just looked like they were drooling. Tomorrow, I think our 'Tutoren' and 'Mentoren' (the students who lead our little groups around and help us do all these important things) are taking us on a Kneipetour (Kneipe = bar), because Thursday is the best night for students. Tuesdays are second-best.

Sunday we go to Basel, Switzerland, because the fine art museum is free the first Sunday of the month. Monday, intensive German classes start.

I don't know what I think yet. I'm content. But I'm trying not to think ahead too much—it would be too daunting. At least for now, I'm taking it day by day.

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