ich weiß nicht = I don't know

Now it is Wednesday in Germany, and I have ein Referat zu halten (a presentation to give). On Thursday. On Aachen, also known as Aix-la-Chapelle. Although it's emphasized that Charlemagne (we know him here as Karl der Große, Karl the Great) had no capital to his empire, this would have been it. In fact, he spent most winters there from 792 to 814 AD. And Aachen is the westernmost city in Germany. I just learned both these facts.

It's also where Charlemagne is buried, in the cathedral he had built. Last semester I learned that his throne is still there. I definitely want to visit Aachen and I have a break coming soon, which is why I picked this topic. But there are so many places I could go during my week and a half off and I'm not sure how close to Germany I should be staying. Maybe Aachen should be a weekend trip. Maybe I should book a flight from EasyJet and fly to Barcelona or Madrid for € 24, or Amsterdam, or Alicante. EasyJet ads are up all over Freiburg, because one of their hubs is the Basel-Freiburg airport. I don't even know where Alicante is. Oh, Spain's Mediterranean coast. Good to know.

Who knows where I should go. The choices overwhelm me. The point of this post is actually:

I uploaded the photos I have of Freiburg so far. You can see them here. I strongly recommend that you choose the slideshow option, because otherwise they will be stupidly small. Now I am going to bed, even though I'm going to end up lying in bed formulating different itineraries.

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