Today was pretty warm for November (tomorrow the high is in the 60s! plus rain...), but this was the first night in a while that I remembered I had a bottle of Witches' Brew open from Tuesday night, so after a couple loads of dishes, I heated some up. I guess that makes it our nightcap.

I really like mulled wine now, but I'm not sure how much of that is that I'm more used to the taste of wine now, and how much of it is that Witches' Brew (made with Michigan wine) must be sweeter than the Glühwein I drank with my German tandem partner at the Christmas market in Freiburg. My friend Jeff, who also studied in Freiburg and was my Ireland travel buddy, among many trips, is back in Germany as a Fulbright teaching assistant. He has already been to a Weihnachtsmarkt. I'm jealous, but also...isn't it still November?

How's the Glühwein in Osnabrück, Jeff? The people need to know.

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