Then and Later

This is the continuation of my post two days ago. I probably didn't actually get where I wanted to go in this one either, though, because photo-heavy and high-word-count posts don't really work well together. Let's go to bed.

I wanted to call this post "Then and Now," but my studio apartment is now Meg's home, and I only have photos to show you of how it last looked as my home. Having someone I know takeover my apartment is cool, though, because I get a kick out of seeing alternative uses of space. Meg has so many cute things on the walls, and books piled on books next to books books books—pretty much the best way to decorate, right? I haven't brought that many of my books with me from my parents', so I don't use that method as much as I would like.
This was my home soon after moving in. Not all the pictures were up, but pretty much everything was decided.
Here we are the day before I started putting things in bags and boxes to move out.
There was supposed to be a gallery wall where the Croatian art poster is, but I never added anything else to the walls after my dad put all the hooks in for me. In the meantime, I've also misplaced the postcards of vintage French travel posters that were supposed to go up between the window and the archway into the kitchen.
Cooking in this kitchen was actually pretty great. The tiny counter to the right of the sink really did expand the workspace, and I could move the plant off the toaster-holding mini-fridge and have more space for whatever I was working with. The fake wood countertops looked pretty decent—warm, welcoming, and not very obviously dirty. My kitchen in the new apartment has horrible almost-kelly-green streaky linoleum on the counter and backsplash...bleh. 

The tray on top of a narrow plant stand between the fridges was quite a precarious way to store extra mugs and glassware, but it worked really well and made use of what was othewise dead space.  
The bathroom shall remain a mystery for all time. (There weren't any windows, so it was hard to photograph, and there wasn't much to look at, just my sometimes beautifully folded towels. The shower, though, was large and ever-hot, so it was great. Although now I have a nice warm BATHTUB and if I could just remember to save some relaxation time for myself, I would take an awesome bath every week.)

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