Participation Was Always My Least Favorite Part of School

Hey, readers!

How are you faring this cold November? I'm pretty sure some of you aren't even that cold (cough, people in Georgia, cough) (people in California, cough). Tonight I saw a movie (Blue Is the Warmest Color) and I got a drink at a bar that a year ago...downtown (Vellum), but it was new to me and it was good. I also tried to pick my bike up from Main Street but I remembered that not having my housekeys with me and having to have Cooper lock the apartment door meant I also did not have my bike key with me. Whoops.

So, readers:

What did you eat for dinner tonight? How ready for Thanksgiving are you? I'm most excited to only work one job a day Wednesday-Friday, and no jobs Thursday. Also, Cooper and I are hosting his mom and sister for Thanksgiving, which will be weird/fun.

I also read this poem today, via The Hairpin. I like just the title, but also the poem itself. November: I no longer hate it so much, but I really used to.


Jane said...

It's 35 and rainy, and people are acting like the world is ending.

Drew Johnson said...

Hummus and not ready at all. Mostly not ready for the interaction part.

Marisa said...

Drew—I'm not ready for the part where I have to clean up all the cat hair for Cooper's mom and sister on Thursday. Oh well. I haven't even though about the social aspect. I wish my mom hadn't invited my aunt. It would be more fun with just my family and Cooper.

Jane—maybe the world IS ending? Maybe?