Gone Fishing

Okay, not really fishing.

I am also not kayaking in the slough/slue/slew with sea otters and seals. That was two summers ago.
Isn't it great how my life jacket matched the kayak? Isn't it great how I'm wearing that attractive visor? Cooper's life jacket adds a nice pop of red to the photo. And we're smiling, which is misleading, because much of the time I was threatening his life because he wasn't steering us exactly where I wanted and we were falling behind my cousin, who is a seasoned kayaker (we are not). It was a real workout to get back to where we started as the tide was coming in, but we succeeded in the end. We had just celebrated our second anniversary, so it was a good time to start bickering.

Today is not about recreation. I just found a job to apply for that I feel good about, so I'm getting this blog thing off my plate so I can concentrate on it for as long as necessary and get an application in today. Yikes.

(Good riddance, temporary position. Knock on wood.)

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