On the Plus Side, My Bed Is Comfy

I started my health care application today. It is not geared toward people with temporary income, and of course, my most temporary job, which will have ended before my insurance coverage begins, pays at least 50% more than all other jobs I've had in the past two years. So that's screwing up the data.

Also I am scared of this temporary job ending, and what I am supposed to do with myself, day in, day out*, for the rest of my life, and also, everything, always. So I'm gonna say that attempting to apply for health insurance was good enough for now, and goodnight, world, I'm gonna be sleepy tomorrow.

*Or as Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana would say, "dayeen, dayoud"—I've been reading 66 Square Feet for a year and a half, but only noticed her cat's blog (which actually came first) two days ago. I love it and wish that our fake cat narratives were as well-rounded as hers.

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except you're awesome, so it will somehow turn out okay!