Good Sunday

It was a good Sunday because we had an extra hour of sleep due to daylight savings or whatever it's called, so it was okay that I was at work until midnight and we didn't go to bed promptly. (I was too tired to achieve promptness.) It was good because my legs are so sore from working out yesterday that I can't move them easily, which is good because the fatigue means I accomplished something. For our Sunday dinner, let's called it—we ate after two, and our bodies thought it was an hour later—we had chicken roasted in a bath of chicken broth and carrots and shallots. Roasted potatoes on the side.

Not long after that, I had to go to work for a while, and Cooper had to suffer on through essay planning and writing. But in the background he had lots of chicken bones cooking in a pot of water, and now we have chicken broth for soup tomorrow. And a pie crust for a quiche! And I cooked extra bacon with our bacon breakfast, so that's already ready for the quiche.

This blog post basically reads like an online chat with my brother—John is always asking me which path he should follow toward sustenance. I think the answer is pretty much always quiche.

Let's hope all this rich food contributes to a richly productive and healthy week. Begone, dry throat! Next week is a busy one, and I will not stand for sickness!
This was a roast chicken dinner a few weeks ago, in the evening, with less work and fewer obligations in the way. It was also delicious.

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