Let Them Eat Cake

My brother the bread baker took a cake decorating class last night, then taxied the finished product around town so all could admire/devour. Well. Three of us. Two houses. It took a while. Thanks, John!


Maraia said...

Did it taste as amazing as it LOOKS?

Marisa said...

I really enjoyed my first slice, but truthfully, I prefer Zingerman's chocolate buttercream frosting. The plain stuff is so buttery it's greasy. (Cooper says it needs more sugar, which...I think it's sweet enough, but I do agree that it needs different proportions.)

They gave them the cakes and the frosting already made, so John just decorated it. He says that the little side blobs are actually harder for him to do than the roses.

Maraia said...

His job (from the outside) is awesome.

I had a bite of my aunt's Hummingbird Cake when we were there a few weeks ago, and it was so sweet that it gave me an instant headache.