I am so tired and I'm getting up in basically seven hours so I can pack a lunch and pick some clothes (so hard to do in the dark while that other lucky person gets to remain in bed for hours) and be clean and whatever else I have to do in time to be at work at eight a.m. Hard times, seriously.

Getting up early isn't so bad, at least for work at nine, or even eight forty-five.

I am a zombie now, and will be a zombie at six whatever-the-fuck, though. Godless hour.

I guess that's all the hours.

Today I couldn't write a good blog post, again!, but this time, it's because the dog ate my keyboard.

Or because my brother called and offered me our homemade applesauce from last week, finally, and also chicken paprikash on spaetzle and you know, just like I don't say no when someone likes me well enough to offer me a job, I don't say no when someone offers me free, delicious food. So now tomorrow instead of today will be my no-fun-humans night, so that maybe maybe maybe I can make a little headway toward feeling calm and on track and in charge of this life. Just in time for three awfully busy days.

I signed up for that third shift at the third job, but I can't say I'm looking forward to the nonexistent down time and then this whole blogging requirement. At least my thighs have (mostly) recovered from their first dedicated workout in six months last Saturday. Gah.

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